ed Polwarth Sheepbreeders' Association of Australia : About Polwarth
Polwarth Sheepbreeders' Association of Australia : About Polwarth



Polwarths produce a super type wool-stylish,white,log-stapled,soft-handling and high-yielding fleece.


Under average conditions,it is visually a 58s/60s fleece which averages about 23 microns (ranging between 21 and 25 microns depending on feed availability and climate conditions), with a staple length of 110-120mm. In recent years,many studs have dramatically increased the size and fleece weight of their sheep and many commercial flocks now cut an average of 6-7 kg a head.


Polwarth wool has a very high resistance to fleece rot-repelling water and drying faster than shorter,tighter fleeces-making the breed well suited to wetter areas.


They are a straight-bodied sheep with few wrinkles which,combined with their fleece rot resistance,minimise the potential of fly strike.


Polwarth fleeces are very even and,because the rams throw to their own wool type,flocks are noticeably even and wool clips are easy to class,with a minimum of fleece lines.




As a meat sheep, Polwarths produce lean carcases. They do not run to fat and are ideal for the lamb and mutton trade where minimal fat is demanded by consumers.


Lamb percentages are consistently high,allowing high culling rates for replacement ewes. Many producers are selling pure prime Polwarth lambs for the local and export market.



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